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COVID-19 Financial Relief to Part A and B Providers - Send in your application to your MAC location

Our Florida MAC Location is First Coast Options. Please review this bulletin that was sent out this week with regard to ACCELERATED AND ADVANCE PAYMENT PROGRAM FOR PROVIDERS DURING THE COVID-19 EMERGENCY.

Important bullet points from the attached link Fact Sheet sent out by CMS to summarize:

1) To qualify you must have billed Medicare for claims within 180 days immediately prior to the date of signature on the provider application

2) Cannot be under Medical review or investigation

3) Not be in Bankruptcy

4) Not have outstanding delinquent Medicare overpayments

5) This ADVANCED PAYMENT will have to be repaid eventually to Medicare. Part B providers will have 120 calendar days from the date payment is issued. Repayment will begin after the 120 day mark. The repayment occurs from any new billing received to Medicare after the expiration date.

It is IMPORTANT to note this Financial Relief option is to assist anyone who is not receiving timely billing reimbursements from the system. You must assess your current situation in the practice business to determine how much you actually need to offset variances currently experienced due to the Covid-19 Virus impact.

This is "temporary relief" not permanent and you must budget yourself accordingly to expect to pay the amount you ask for back to Medicare through future visits.

Link for the Fact sheet :

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